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Kyle Jaeger

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Formerly @ VICE and The Hollywood Reporter.

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Disneyland has a feral cat problem 1414683436967 crop social article

The Feral Cats of Disneyland | VICE | United States

Approximately 100 free-roaming cats live in the Happiest Place on Earth, where they're quietly fed, vaccinated, and neutered by Disney employees....

We talked to the doctor who gave lsd to cats 122 1417560231 crop social article

We Talked to a Scientist Who Gave LSD to Cats Back in the 70s | VICE | United States

It was a different time back then—all you needed for a legitimate scientific study was a bunch of cats, a sheet of acid, and a can-do attitude....

The insidious gentrification of halloween 1414682506994 crop social article

The Insidious Gentrification of Halloween | VICE | United States

When their own neighborhood just doesn't cut it, parents take their kids to neighborhoods known for doling out king-size candy bars....